Elvis & Olive: Super Detectives

In the sequel to Elvis & Olive, Natalie and Annie open the E & O Detective Agency to solve neighborhood mysteries. They find no shortage of people who could use their help. Albert Castle needs a hand with song lyrics, and Ms. Hatch is looking for a lost flip-flop. Mrs. Warsaw is desperate to find the mysterious Zadie Zeolite, and a lost dog needs help finding his way home.

What’s more, Natalie is searching for a way to win the Student Council election while Annie is on a quest to find her missing mom. Will the biggest cases they have to solve be their own?

288 p.p.
Ages 7 to 12
Scholastic Press, 2010

Watson’s lightly poetic prose contributes to an overall sense of goodwill and abundant imagination. Fresh and affecting.

Stephanie Watson brings new resonance to familiar kid-lit motifs — secret clubs, young sleuths — by charting the tender as well as the funny moments of this unlikely friendship. Subplots involving a stray dog, banned comic books and Annie’s condemned home resolve in unpredictable ways, and descriptive phrases surprise and delight.
–The Washington Post

Listen to chapter one of Elvis & Olive: Super Detectives:

Watch an interview conducted by a disinterested dog: