Elvis & Olive: Super Detectives

In the sequel to Elvis & Olive, Natalie and Annie open the E & O Detective Agency to solve neighborhood mysteries. They find no shortage of people who could use their help. Albert Castle needs a hand with song lyrics, and Ms. Hatch is looking for a lost flip-flop. Mrs. Warsaw is desperate to find the mysterious Zadie Zeolite, and a lost dog needs help finding his way home.

What’s more, Natalie is searching for a way to win the Student Council election while Annie is on a quest to find her missing mom. Will the biggest cases they have to solve be their own?

288 p.p.
Ages 7 to 12
Scholastic Press, 2010

Available at Wild Rumpus Books, the Red Balloon Bookshop and online.

Watson’s lightly poetic prose contributes to an overall sense of goodwill and abundant imagination. Fresh and affecting.

Stephanie Watson brings new resonance to familiar kid-lit motifs — secret clubs, young sleuths — by charting the tender as well as the funny moments of this unlikely friendship. Subplots involving a stray dog, banned comic books and Annie’s condemned home resolve in unpredictable ways, and descriptive phrases surprise and delight.
–The Washington Post

Listen to chapter one of Elvis & Olive: Super Detectives:

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