Elvis & Olive

Ten-year-old Natalie Wallis is a shy bookish perfectionist. Annie Beckett (age 9) is a wild tomboy liar. Why do these two very different girls become friends? Because they’ve got some serious spying to do.

“Even the most dull-looking people do all kinds of weird, interesting things when they think no one’s watching,” Annie says. With this in mind, the girls form a secret spying club and start snooping on their neighbors under the code names Elvis & Olive.

By the end of their summer together, Elvis & Olive have uncovered a number of strange secrets about their neighbors. Eaten far too many freeze pops. And formed a friendship like no other.

Scholastic Press, 2008
Ages 7 – 12, 230 p.p.
Washington Post Book of the Week
2008 Junior Library Guild Selection

…a satisfying friendship story with drama and humor in fine balance.
–Kirkus Reviews

…an accomplished first novel.
–Publishers Weekly

Young readers won’t want to put this book down until they find out how Elvis and Olive emerge from the mess they created.
–Palo Alto Weekly

Elvis and Olive Stephanie Watson

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The first day of summer vacation stretched in front of Natalie Wallis like a long road with no street signs…

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In Elvis & Olive: Super Detectives, Natalie and Annie help their neighbors solve mysteries both small and large.

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