Ever wonder how a book gets made? How long does it take? Is it easy or is it hard? Find out in this video series about my writing process for my latest book, Pencilvania.


When I sit down at my writing desk in the morning, part of me is desperate to do anything BUT write. Another part of me is deeply committed to my daily writing practice (M-F). These two parts are forever at war.

Watch Best Friends in the Universe

Hear the first few chapters of Pencilvania

Word Slingers: Video Series

Creative process talks and interviews

In the Word Slingers video series, we shine a light on the creative writing process, and share ideas and inspiration to help move your writing practice forward. Created in partnership with John Schaidler, a fellow writer and interdisciplinary artist.

Episode 1: Begin Again

Episode 2: The Buddy System

Overcoming Creative Heartbreak: Interview w/ Jacquelyn Fletcher

Becoming Your Own Publisher: Interview w/ Jacquelyn Fletcher

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